Sunday, November 2, 2008

'No opposition between man and planet'

Today I was reading the newspaper and I found a contradictory article to my thought. The article was on ' No opposition between man and planet'. It goes like this that human being is not a threat to the environment, but rather its steward. It mentions that its often said that we have to defend the environment but the term 'defense' could mislead us to see conflict between environment and the human being. In this case, protection encompasses more than defense. It implies a positive vision of the human being, meaning that the person is not considered a nuisance or a threat to the nature, but as its steward. There is an established and inseparable alliance, in which the environment essentially conditions the human being's existence and development, while the latter perfects and ennobles the environment by his creative activity Archbishop Migliore considered the principle of the "responsibility to protect" in regard to the environment.

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