Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sense of Recycling Paper

Many of the Indian Companies are getting aware for saving trees. They have the slogan"Go Green". Finally they have realized the value of nature and stepping forward to preserve it.

Paper waste is found maximum in offices in all sectors. Now, some companies like Infosys, Wipro, Satyam are taking efficient paper use norms like monitoring how many printouts an employee takes, printing on both sides etc. Yes Bank has started printing both sides and they have saved about three million pages since last year. They also look to disposing waste paper in eco-friendly manner. These companies have an in-house recycling facility or tie-ups with re-cyclers.

Do we know, recycling one tonne of printing paper saves more than two tonnes of wood? On an average, a company with 1000 employees generated 1000 kg of paper a year. Amongst them , high value paper like shredded papers etc goes to scrap dealers. Low quality papers like tissues, paper cups goes waste as most of them can't be recycled.

Please save paper and save trees!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Circus of Life.....

We were roaming in the city to see the celebrations all around. While passing by a road, I saw a circus alongside the river. The name of the circus is "Rambo Circus". It was almost houseful and my heart again went in my 'Nature' mood. I felt bad about not only the people working in it but also animals. They are exploited like anything. Sometimes, they don't even earn enough money to buy food and clothes. People and animals there don't get food for days and also if they don't perform accordingly they are beaten with burning sticks. They are in pathetic condition. It is really sad to see that people are so helpless that they spend whole of their life making other laugh. I personally feel we should avoid watching them because if we demand then only they are willing to show us. If we don't go there, they will automatically stop this cruel business. Help Animals and Save Nature!!.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pets: A Painful Act

Pets- Who don't like them? We keep them for our pleasure. But what about them? We do care for them more than our child...but do we think for a while, they are also living beings and they also need independence. They can't speak, but if we claim to be their best friends, can't we understand they need freedom- Freedom from this concrete forest. They want to live their own life, with their family, with their community. We sell and purchase them. Are they a commodity? The answer is "NO"? They are so faithful that they live with us for their whole life and WE, when bored, exchange them.

Birds are kept in a cage. A small cage contains hundreds of them. Just think, are they really made for it? They deserve flying and chirping with joy. And what we give is darkness, sadness. Think twice before you buy them . They have lives but not expression to say they need to go out.Help them by giving them their lives back. And also imagine yourself in this sort of cage, not of you size, for the whole life.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Desert: An Unexplored beauty

Desert is said to be the most unexplored place. But it has its own beauty-unknown. I guess, that is why its beautiful because it is not being touched by humans. The largest desert in the world is "Sahara Desert". The major deserts in the world are:

Sahara Desert (North Africa)
Arabian Desert (Saudi Arabia)
Great Sandy Desert (North Western Australia)
Thar Desert (India; Rajasthan and some part of Pakistan)
Simpson Desert(Central Australia)
Takla Makan Desert (Central Asia)
Gobi Desert (Mongolia and China)
Sonoran Desert(North America)
Kalahari Desert
Atacama Desert

The Sahara Desert is a great desert area in North Africa that extends from the Atlantic Ocean eastward past the Red Sea to Iraq. The entire desert, the largest in the world, is about 1600 km wide and about 5000 km long from east to west.
The total domain of the Sahara Desert is more than 9,000,000 sq. km, more than 3,500,000 square miles, of which 80,000 square miles consist of partially fertile oases.The boundaries, however, are not clearly defined, and have been shifting for a thousand years.

Desert National Parks are also in attraction. The Desert National parks are the excellent example of the ecosystem of the Thar desert and the diverse fauna. Sand Dunes form around 20 % of the national park.

Unfortunately,one day, due to growing mechanization, whole world will become desert.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Matheran: Forest on head

It was our marriage anniversary and my husband gave me a surprise by planning a trip to Matheran, a beautiful place with all greenery everywhere. Matheran means Forest on head (Mathe= Head; Raan= Forest). As usual we wake up early in the morning and packed our bags and were so excited to move on our bike. It was a journey of about 3 hours. But we biked leisurely and took our own time of 6 hours...:) We started at 5.30 in the morning. It was all dark everywhere and I was looking in the sky, sitting on the backside. I was thrilled to see a white spot moving in the sky. I asked my husband to look to it and then that white spot started turning yellow and that too very bright. It took almost 5 sec to see that white spot turning into a shooting star...Oh my god!!!!! Amazing!!!!! That was the most beautiful start of my morning....That was the most clear shooting star we both would have ever seen. Quickly, I asked for a wish and we again started.

At around 11.30, we reached there and parked our bike. It was around 5 kms of walk, since Matheran is a "No-Vehicle" zone. There are other modes of transportation i.e Horses and man-cart. We opted to walk. We were in no hurry as we wanted to admire the nature. At last, our hotel came and we rested for few minutes and after having lunch moved to see few places around. They were also at walking distance. Some of them were Echo-point, Honeymoon point, Mumbai Point,Malang Point, Louisa Point, Sunset-point, Charlote Lake and Myra Point.

It was fantastic experience to see sun-set from such a height. Next morning, we moved to our place, recollecting our sweet moments of life.....

Friday, December 19, 2008

City Round-up

A group of Bhopal based artists will be exhibiting their art-works at Art2day Gallery starting today. The team comprises of artists and sculptors. All of them are veterans having been part of numerous exhibitions in India and abroad. This is the first time they are showcasing their paintings in Pune. The theme of the exhibition is "Form" - paint, what you see, but one needs to be sensitive to implement your own idea on the subject. Thus creating an original work of art. They are a group of five and all of them are inspired by nature. Their artwork is the result of observing and studying nature. So, all art-lovers are invited and the details of the exhibition is given below:

Date: 20th December to 31st December
Venue: Art2Day Gallery, Solapur Highway, Camp, Pune