Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Desert: An Unexplored beauty

Desert is said to be the most unexplored place. But it has its own beauty-unknown. I guess, that is why its beautiful because it is not being touched by humans. The largest desert in the world is "Sahara Desert". The major deserts in the world are:

Sahara Desert (North Africa)
Arabian Desert (Saudi Arabia)
Great Sandy Desert (North Western Australia)
Thar Desert (India; Rajasthan and some part of Pakistan)
Simpson Desert(Central Australia)
Takla Makan Desert (Central Asia)
Gobi Desert (Mongolia and China)
Sonoran Desert(North America)
Kalahari Desert
Atacama Desert

The Sahara Desert is a great desert area in North Africa that extends from the Atlantic Ocean eastward past the Red Sea to Iraq. The entire desert, the largest in the world, is about 1600 km wide and about 5000 km long from east to west.
The total domain of the Sahara Desert is more than 9,000,000 sq. km, more than 3,500,000 square miles, of which 80,000 square miles consist of partially fertile oases.The boundaries, however, are not clearly defined, and have been shifting for a thousand years.

Desert National Parks are also in attraction. The Desert National parks are the excellent example of the ecosystem of the Thar desert and the diverse fauna. Sand Dunes form around 20 % of the national park.

Unfortunately,one day, due to growing mechanization, whole world will become desert.


Anonymous said...

Great information. Your blog is really a pleasure to read.

Anonymous said...

I simply love deserts. They have a different beauty that people can't even imagine. Think how animals like Oryx survive there...

Gorakh Singh said...

i've heard there is an indian community living in a desert who have natural refrigerators with them from ages!!

Sanjeev mathur said...

Deserts are amazing.....very beautiful. If you have ever been to a desert, you must have noticed that people there wear the most vibrant and colorful clothes! at least in india.

sunil roy said...

i love deserts. i have been to deserts twice in my life, and enjoyed 'em a lot

Anonymous said...

i like deserts, both - places and food