Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pets: A Painful Act

Pets- Who don't like them? We keep them for our pleasure. But what about them? We do care for them more than our child...but do we think for a while, they are also living beings and they also need independence. They can't speak, but if we claim to be their best friends, can't we understand they need freedom- Freedom from this concrete forest. They want to live their own life, with their family, with their community. We sell and purchase them. Are they a commodity? The answer is "NO"? They are so faithful that they live with us for their whole life and WE, when bored, exchange them.

Birds are kept in a cage. A small cage contains hundreds of them. Just think, are they really made for it? They deserve flying and chirping with joy. And what we give is darkness, sadness. Think twice before you buy them . They have lives but not expression to say they need to go out.Help them by giving them their lives back. And also imagine yourself in this sort of cage, not of you size, for the whole life.


Anonymous said...

It's always a pleasure to read your posts. You are quite an interesting person. Believe me, you will go far ahead in enlightening the world, and showing path to the distracted.

The bird in the cage, in your post, is I believe a Pigeon. The type in India is called "Lotan Kabutar", right? It's a very beautiful bird, sadly, in a cage.

Anonymous said...

The photograph is so shaking. It's so cruel to keep it like that.

sunil roy said...

wonder how birds and animals keep themselves clean in any condition. see how clean the pigeon is despite being captive

Anonymous said...

very touching