Monday, November 3, 2008

Best of Waste: Recycle Tips I

Together we can bring a drastic change by consuming reused products. The creativity is in you how to recycle them. Following are some of the tips how to green you recycling-

1. Stronger plastic bottles can be used to hold tools and nails etc in the shed. Simply cut 3 sides and leave one side longer and nail to the wall in the shed.

2. You can wash and reuse plastic and glass containers for storage and there are many things you can do to reduce your mountain of plastic bags.

3. Take clothes you don't want to your local opportunity shop or put them in a clothing bin. Rags are still useful for making handbags for shopping.

4 Donate unwanted paint to community groups, marae or schools. If you can't find someone to use it up, let the paint dry out and recycle the container.

5. Instead of buying countless bottles of water, try refilling the bottle and putting it in the fridge.

The best environmental choice is to repair, restore or adapt a product you already have.

7.You can also take your own bag to the shops - reuse plastic shopping bags from last time or buy some reusable cloth bags.

8. Buy products packaged in cardboard, paper, glass, cans or type 1 and 2 plastics - these can usually be recycled. Recyclable packaging means less rubbish.

9.Keep a reusable container in your drawer so that if you have leftovers from lunch, you can take them home and add them to the compost.

10.Reducing the amount of paper you use by sending documents electronically, using double-sided copying and printing or reusing one-sided copies for drafts.

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