Monday, November 17, 2008

Animals are intelligent than humans

That might sound strange, but I have observed that animals are far better than human beings. They have common sense, they have mind, but they can't speak. If you train them to walk though a particular way, they will never go the other way. If you once show anger not to enter, they will never.

Among all living things, human is the most dangerous creature. God has gifted him with brain, but in vain. That is maximum used for thinking how to destroy himself and the earth. Can't he think he is trying to cut the branch on which he himself is sitting. We are in innumerable count and unmanageable, but animals, though in large number, know how to manage its species, how to remain balanced. They themselves maintain their population. The life-cycle set by god is incomparable but when humans use their brain by eating the portion of life cycle, the ecological balance is gone for sure.

I am not against human beings but against their behavior towards other creatures, may it be birds or animals. They should learn from those creatures who can't speak but know how to live.


Leslie said...

I'm not sure if anyone can understand the real meaning of your beautiful post.

Megha said...

thanx dear..