Monday, November 17, 2008

Skyscrapers: Way to Hell

Yes! That's true. The apartment culture and competition amongst countries to create a history by building tallest skyscraper is a way to death. By living in apartment, we are living in bulk in a particular and creating concentration over the Earth. We suck all the resources from not only that area but nearby also. This is all because population is increasing recklessly. People don't think that by doing this they are themselves pushing to hell.

Even if 10% of literates show their awareness, the pain of the earth can be heard. Think yourself,
4 people are living in 1000 sq.feet. and on the other side, 2000 people are living in 1000 sq. feet. Difference is known. The pressure on not only land but also other natural resources increases.

Please think and control population growth.

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