Friday, March 6, 2009

Eco-Friendly Products...

We all have heard of many eco-friendly products but here are few, with the use of which you can reach the height of pleasure while caring about environment.

1. Organic Flowers: If you want to impress your date and you are nature-lover also, then here is a solution for you. Try to use locally grown or seasonal flowers as they don't require as many fossil-fuels.

2. Bamboo Sheets: To give that EXTRA Comfort to you
r love, here are eco-friendly Bamboo Sheets. These come from a renewable source and are grown without chemicals. They also keep germs out of bed...Isn't it wonderful?

3. Organic Wine: Wha
t would be more romantic than to present her wine and that too organic wine? This type of wine is made up of organic grapes.

Courtesy:Pune Mirror


T and S said...

Organic flower is not new to me. But organic wine and organic bedsheets is surely news to me. Thanks for bringing this to the notice of your blogger friends.

Megha said...

Thanks Thomas...Well there are other organic materials also..Surely this can help our nature a lot..