Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ducks of Dudhni: Silvassa

The distance from Silvassa to Dudhni is almost 45 kms, filled with adventure. It has curves, mountains, slopes and lush green forests. We went there a month ago and found it quite peaceful. There was a dam for boating. We saw few ducks there. So, was it possible for me to not to click? Here is that photograph for you all...As you can see few of them are colored and few are white. Well, white ones were very quiet and peaceful, while colored were aggressive.

The most catchy moment was when they march pasted...:) You can see it here:

Aren't they looking funny?......................:) Left...Right...Left....!!


Reader Wil said...

Your ducks are great! My daughter in Australia has ducks. One of them is the leader. He walks in front of the six ducks and at a certain point he turns round and the ducks stop to listen to him. He delivers a speech after which the duckies each go a different way to go laying eggs( I think). Thanks for your visit and comment.

RameshJhawar said...

Hi Megha!Thanks for your comment on my painting.Your photographs are very nice and as you said,the second one was really funny!

GoldenAdmin said...

Adorable marching ducks!

Megha Chhatbar said...

Thanks you all of you for your lovely comments..:)