Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Real Estate

Real estate is really taking a toll on the environment. I recently read in a local newspaper that builders are not leaving the natural canals too! As per municipal corporation, construction is not permitted within 50 feet on both the sides of nallas [natural water canals]. But the newspaper showed a photo of a building constructed on top of a nalla! The newspaper mentioned also that belize real estate is also on sale!

I've heard that pinoy 24 tv also showed something about the real estate clashing with the environmental balance.

Moreover, it's not just builders that are making money on the nallas, but so are the online real estate websites. They make money by adsense revenue sharing.

What do you say? Is all this good? I don't think it is, because every natural element has its special place in the whole cycle of the environment. We must not disturb any as far as possible. I mean, it's not necessary to construct buildings on nallas. There are other spaces that will make less impact on the environment comparatively.

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Alka Gurha said...

Megha, you have touched a valid point...I am in Gurgaon. You should see how maniacal construction has played havoc with nature...There will be no ground water left in the next decade.