Thursday, October 8, 2009

Camel Safari on Dwarka Beach

We all know Camel is known as the Ship of Desert...But this selfish man has made him ship in water. It was so difficult for the camel to walk because he is made for sand not water. The whole world is using others (non-speaking) for their benefit.


beckielboo said...

Your love for life and the planet comes through in ever photo you post! You are a true humanitarian!

I've never seen a camel out of a zoo or circus. I would never have known that the sea with sandy beach would be a problem!

There is so much I don't know of this earth - the more people I meet on line, the more I realize I know nothing! The internet is truly amazing - I can truly say I have friends all over the world now!

T and S said...

Camel Safari on Dwarka Beach, that's atrocious. I agree with your sentiments on this one.

suzanneberry said...

Your photos are amazing! Beautiful work and thought provoking. I've never really traveled, but these photos make me want to! Beautiful work.

Dev Wijewardane said...

Great shot of the camel. very well composed.

FotoMorfo said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful work.